Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Surviving Hurricane Irene

We escaped relatively unscathed from Hurricane (Tropical Storm?) Irene.  By the time it hit on Sunday, our fears about possible flooding and really strong winds were put to rest. However, we were nervous about falling trees and flying tree limbs, especially since we live next to a park with lots of tall trees that extend over our house.

Once the worst of the storm passed through and the rain subsided, I stepped out cautiously to survey the damage.  Deck looked fine and Figgy, our fig "tree" was in one piece. Andrew decided against moving him since he is so heavy.

Leaning over the railing of the deck, our backyard looked fine.   You can see that we kept my car and my dad's car as far as possible from the park side of the backyard.

A closer look at our side yard revealed lots of branches and leaves but nothing big.

Needless to say, this was a huge relief and a minor miracle!

The front yard was fine as well and surprisingly, there were still orange flowers left on the trumpet vine you can see to the right hand side of the fence.

What we did experience problems was with the power. It flickered four times, each time getting stronger before the power stayed completely off at around noon on Sunday.  Looking down the our street, we could a police car blocking cars from going through so we guessed that it was protecting live wires brought down by the storm.
This was confirmed later when we detoured around the area and could see multiple trees down as well as utility trucks hard at work. A mere 14 hours later and the power was back on at around 2:30 a.m. in the morning, which had me running around like a mad woman to turn off all the lights and TVs in the house before they woke everyone else up.

The police car was down the street to our left and to our right, diagonally acrosse from our house, we could see a fallen tree blocking the entryway to a side road. Luckily for these neighbors, the street loops around and connects with the main street at another point, so we knew residents wouldn't be trapped.

I am very thankful that we didn't face anything major and my sympathies are with all the people that are still without power. 

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