Monday, August 8, 2011

Alma Nove At The Hingham Shipyard

Andrew and I seem to spend a lot of our time in the Hingham Shipyard, but mostly, we tend to hang out at the Hingham Beer Works or the Red Mango (which has seriously disappointed me the last couple of times I've had it, so Pinkberry still rules my stomach).  However, on a recent trip, we decided to try out Alma Nove as a belated birthday celebration for my cousin Andrea.

From it's external appearance, it definitely seems to be the most upscale place of all the restaurants in the Shipyard.

After being told about a ridiculous wait (two hours on a Friday night for dinner, I guess shame on us for not making reservations), we scored one of the couches in the outdoor seating area, and pleasantly spent the next hour and a half enjoying drinks and an appetizer (the grilled calamari was underwhelming).  However, we loved this outdoor patio, the drinks were good, and the long wait gave Amy time to arrive directly from working late at her job (hence the button-down shirt and glasses)

Andrew was clicking away, hence the goofy picture above and the nice normal picture of the three of us:

Watching the sun set over the water, enjoying balmy outdoor temps sans humidity, hearing an outdoor band play and enjoy a cold drink were only enhanced by...

The fire pit in front of us! We had the best seats in the house, and let me tell you, there was a couple eyeing our seats for a long time that pounced once we were finally seated.

A nice shot of Andrew and I (since I never seem to remember to get these taken anymore now that we're an old married couple) and yes, I did chop off most my hair last month!

Inside, I really should've been taking pictures of the food but I didn't. It was dark, I felt like enjoying myself and you know what, the food ended up being only ok. It was Italian style and while the bread served at the table was fresh and delicious, all of our food was nothing special. Slightly overpriced and you're definitely paying for the atmosphere. So if you find yourself in the Shipyard, I would try scoring one of the seats on the outdoor patio and enjoying drinks and appetizers out there. Skip a full meal and the long wait, and head to Beerworks next door if you're really hungry. There was also a distinct difference in the ages of the people that patronize Alma Nove, we were amongst the youngest that I could tell, although a very loud group of drunk Hingham moms got most of the attention while we were in the restaurant (standing on top of furniture and clutching furnishings as a photo op) so at least the entertainment was free!

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