Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Birthday Dinner at Burtons

Happy Birthday to a dear friend - it feels like only yesterday that we were celebrating our 20th birthdays in school and now, let's just say we're celebrating all the milestones together.

Birthday girl Jen mugs with her brother Bryan at her birthday dinner at Burtons (talk about alliteration):

I also have to give out to the birthday girl's shoes - the flash obscures all the fun details (it looked like news print with a pin-up girl - Jen, I'm counting on you to fill in the details):
This just shows that nothing changes in a decade, since Jen was the fashionista in our group of friends way back when.

Happy Birthday to a "classy broad"!

*Since this is a birthday post, I chose to focus on the friend rather than the food. But the food (and desserts) were pretty good!


Jennifer said...

Awww thanks! I'm trying to remember our 20th birthdays, and I can't, so I think that means that they were fun :)

And you were 100% correct on your interpretation of my shoes - they are my favorite pair!

bcallegra said...

Funny thing is, our 19th birthdays stick out the most in my mind from college. Perhaps since they were the most sober of them all? :)