Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Wanted: Wedding Earrings

I'm pretty sure I want to wear this style of earring with my dress - squarish shape with a pave border and a honking piece of cubic zirconia in the middle:
This pair is $58 and I'd have to find a person that sells the vendor's jewelry, as this brand is sold at tupperware-like parties. I'm just convinced that I can find something similar at a department store for half the price, but haven't seen anything yet in my travels. So dear readers, if you happen to run into my dream wedding earrings somewhere in your travels, let me know! As my sister would say, kthxbye.

UPDATE: Um, stupid me. I typed in the name of the earrings into eBay and they popped up for $10! Done and done, unless I hate them in person.

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