Monday, June 28, 2010

Then and Now - Our Garden

Planted on Memorial Day, we had high hopes for our little patch of garden:

A month later, our plants are flourishing! I'm proud that we haven't killed a single one yet. Although the same can't be said for some of the flowers I've been trying to cultivate indoors. But let's focus on the successes.

One tomato plant is growing furiously and it's got two other tomato plants close behind it:

I know it's hard to get the perspective of how big this zucchini plant is, but I think it's going to end up taking over my garden plot! And if you look at the original picture above, the tiny little plant in the bottom row, second from left, was indeed the same plant:
The yellow pepper plant actually has a decent sized pepper growing on it (green at the moment) - the red pepper plant is still lagging behind it in growth, but I still have hopes for it:
Two of the strawberry plants are surviving but haven't grown much - while this strawberry plant (transferred from a hanging pot originally) is doing pretty well - especially if all those white flowers turn into berries!
And finally, I feel a little foolish about being so proud about this, but this is the blackberry plant. Those wee little green berries on the left are the first signs of fruit. I know chances are low that they will 1) ripen and 2) not get picked over by birds and animals but I still have visions of luscious blackberries dancing in my head!

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