Sunday, June 13, 2010

A Little Bit of Louisiana In Boston

I think this is the last catch-up post before I actually make it into this weekend's events, but does it help that it feels like just yesterday that we were able to hang out with a friend who was visiting from the weekend, all the way from Lousiana?

Mike is one half of a fabulous duo (Jeanne being his other half). Andrew had gotten to known Jeanne through a former job, and happily, that gave us all the chance to become friends while they were still living in Boston. They ended up moving back home to Louisiana soon after the birth of their daughter Marie Elizabeth (here, here and here) and it feels like ages since we've all had a chance to hang out.

As Mike is in the process of writing a thesis at Harvard, he makes periodic visits to Boston and we had the opportunity to meet up with Mike last Saturday to show of our new house (which we still love) and grab some dinner in the city.

Fittingly enough, although I didn't realize it at the time, we ended up taking him to Parish Cafe (Louisiana being one of the states that actually has parishes). Even more interesting (a coincidence, I swear!) was the fact that Parish Cafe had purple and yellow flowers up front, so we made Mike, the LSU grad, pose in front of them:

Many hours and drinks later, we were still going strong - we had switched venues to join up with another group of friends for a 30th birthday celebration, and Andrew and Mike seemed pleased at the fact that they could still order Sam Adams even though the bar seemed like a fancy-schmancy place (my own words):

Cheers to the simple enjoyment of cold beers on a muggy day, good conversation and hanging out with a friend. The only thing that could've made the night better would have been Jeanne's presence but I'm happy to say that they will both be making it up to Boston in October for our wedding. 


Mike said...

Thanks for calling ahead and having Parish Cafe plant those flowers for me! The sandwich and beer (mmmm...Harpoon Summer) were great, but the company and conversation was certainly the best part! Thanks for taking me around. I keep telling Jeanne how fantastic your new house is!

bcallegra said...

You're welcome back anytime, especially if you bring Jeanne and Marie with you!