Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Five Guys Burgers And Fries

In the past year, I feel like I've noticed Five Guys Burgers and Fries popping up all over MA. After a long day of running errands last weekend and realizing that our favorite Thai restaurant was closed, Andrew and I decided to check out their Dedham location.

First thing I liked about the place that it had a straightforward menu that focused simply on types of burgers, hotdogs and fries, along with a wide variety of toppings.

Second thing that Andrew and I both liked were the free peanuts to snack on while you waited for your order to be cooked:

Andrew went with a regular sized bacon cheeseburger - while he's happy to have received the burger in the picture, his final verdict was that it was a bit too greasy:

As for me, I went with the little bacon cheeseburger. The patty was roughly the same size as a McDonald's patty, which I actually like since I don't like a huge amount of meat (yes, I know I'm weird like that). The patty seemed hand-shaped, and while I appreciate the effort that went into it, I didn't feel like the burger was anything special:

The fries were the biggest disappointment. They come in two flavors, so Andrew went with the regular and I went with the Cajun flavor.

For seasoned fries, I could barely taste the seasoning. Plus, they were a bit too thick and non-crunchy for my tastes. On the plus side, the regular size of fries came with enough to share with another person. Literally, Andrew and I didn't finish our orders of fries, which has never happened before. Also, I liked the fact that they had malt vinegar in bottles available to use at your table for a dipping sauce for the fries.

Overall, while I can appreciate what they were trying to do with the place (fast food joint that tries to be a cut above with fresh ground beef for their burgers and a board that lists the farm in the US that provides the potatoes for their fries), I just wasn't a big fan of what I ended up eating.


Jen said...

I've been hearing all the hype as well and still haven't tried Five Guys. I think we still will try it at some point.

bcallegra said...

Jen, I think it's definitely worth checking out once so you can form your own opinion on their burgers! I'll 'fess up to being more of a hotdog fan vs. hamburgers at cookouts anyway. :)