Monday, June 7, 2010

Did Someone Say Dessert?

Was the dessert table at the Memorial Day BBQ worth its own post? If you know me, definitely yes!!

There was a lot of yummy things to choose from, including a homemade strawberry pie covered with whipped cream on the left, magic bars on the lower right and two types of cupcakes:
One of the neighbors brought over "corn on the cob cupcakes", inspired by one of my favorite cupcake decorating books, Hello Cupcake! (Flashback: the boxer cupcakes were inspired by the book, and I copied the shark and the turkey cupcakes exactly):
My lovely cousins Andrew and Andrea (usher and bridesmaid respectively) showed no fear at diving into the treats:
My dessert contribution, based on a request from Tom who had seen this post, was Vanilla Oreo Cupcakes. Using a doctored cake mix, I was very pleased at the texture and the rounded domes of this batch:

With Andrew serving as my hand model, here's an inside look at the cupcakes so you can fully appreciate the oreo bottom, chunks of cookie scattered throughout the batter, and thick cream cheese frosting. Best enjoyed in a swimsuit next to the pool:

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