Monday, June 28, 2010

Gloucester Continued

More pictures to highlight my lovely afternoon on the water, courtesy of my coworker Bill.

Remember my feet in the water? This is the other perspective of me sitting on the edge of the dock, admiring the view:

My expert kayaking skills in action with my coworker Karen (again, yes I know I'm pale):

Getting rescued by my boss's husband - one must maintain a sense of humor about such things!

On a hot and sticky day like today, it would be heavenly to be on the water again!


Anonymous said...

Where is your life preserver???

bcallegra said...

We couldn't find a second life preserver so I went in without one. Have no fear, you can't tell from the pictures but the water depth was as shallow as a foot in some areas because the area we were in was a sand bar that was just getting covered by the incoming tide. This is why the owners of the house felt comfortable in letting us row out!