Thursday, June 24, 2010

Summer Job Perk

A summer work outing today at my manager's house in Gloucester gave me a ridiculously nice summer day in the middle of the week!

I knew I wouldn't be disappointed when I rounded the corner of the house and saw this view:
The deck below was big and fabulous and there was plenty of cold drinks (and coworkers) awaiting:
While enjoying the view of the sand bar at low tide, the sky started to turn gray and we knew a series of severe thunderstorms were upon us:
It was the perfect time to go inside and pig out on delicious catered food - including lobster! I pigged out shamelessly on lobster (two claws and three grilled half-tails) once I realized that there was TONS of lobster to go around:
Strawberry shortcake with the most incredible shortcake I've ever tasted (reminded me of a sugar cookie with more of a cake/scone texture) and fresh whipped cream for dessert - yes please!
While we were eating, there was a lot of heavy rain, high winds and lightening. Then the sky miraculously cleared up and it was sunny and warm again, which gave us time to lounge outside and digest:
I ventured down onto the dock and dipped my feet into the water (the tide had come in during dinner, completely covering the sandbar you could see in the earlier pictures).  And yes, I know my legs are pretty darn white:
Everything looked so tranquil that a coworker and I decided to take the kayak you can see in the corner of this picture out for a spin in a calm lagoon you can also see in the picture. We also may have been stuck in a wee bit of a current and required a tow back from my manager's husband in his kayak, but you're not getting any more of that story!
The beginnings of a beautiful sunset. Unfortunatly, I had to leave while it was still light out (which was still past 8 pm, yay for summer light) but I can't help but think how nice the full moon must have looked tonight shining on the water.
I wish all work days ended like this!

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