Monday, June 7, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend 2010

Ignore the fact that I'm writing this way after Memorial Day Weekend, and focus instead on the fact that I wish we were still enjoying the holiday!

Sunday morning was a busy morning for me. In addition to using my handy dandy pineapple slicer for sangria and making a dessert (more to come on that later),I made a Greek pasta salad that was loaded with yummy, colorful things:
Then it was time to head over to Andrew's parents' place in Plymouth. One of the first things I noticed was Charlotte's homemade sign warning visitors to keep A.J. in the house:
Then it was time to join the crowd poolside to bask in the lovely warm weather:
The water was a balmy 75 degrees (Tom claimed, the warmest ever for Memorial Day weekend) so Andrew, Phu and Amy ventured into the water to play with Andrew's cousins Madison and Meghan (not pictured):
There were even some fierce games of bocce played on the sidelines (which ended quickly once a set of balls rolled into a patch of plants that looked suspiciously like poison ivy):

Then it was chow time - Tom was busy grilling hotdogs, linguica, and chicken, and also made his famous beans as well as a new recipe for "sloppy linguica":
Paul, Jen and Pete arrived just in time to join us in eating the delicious food:
The rest of the time was spent lounging poolside, as demonstrated by Amy and her shadow, Meghan:
What BBQ would be complete without the neighbor's cat stuck waaaaay up high in a tree next to the pool?
Come to think of it, I hope that poor cat made it down. It was still stuck in the tree when we left around 8 p.m.

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