Sunday, June 20, 2010

Congrats To The Grad - Part One

It's been quite a week in my family, with two of my cousins graduating from high school.  As I mentioned in an earlier post, my cousin Andrew was feted last Sunday and was the motivation for my graduation cupcakes.
Here's the guest of honor himself, posing for an endless series of cake cutting pictures.

I must add that he's newly shorn due to his senior prom (take a look at the before hairstyle in the Memorial Day weekend posth here).

I must apologize for the dirty lens on my camera - it's causing the hazy glow around our faces! Look past it to see a lovely picture of Amy, my lovely cousin Andrea and myself:

One of the best things about family graduation parties is quite simply, family! All of the young'ens at the party (of which, I'm the oldest and almost 30 to boot, yikes) gathered for a group shot. It made the "grown-ups" sentimental as they recalled a similar picture from a family vacation in Maine that happened roughly seventeen years ago, since my cousin Andrew was in diapers in that picture! Time flies. I also had to laugh at how bright and perky my clothing seemed in comparison to my hipster cousins and sibling!

In fact, I have to give a shout out to my cousin Jaimi for her outfit - as a recent (college) graduate herself, I felt her outfit embodied that whole spirit of being young and hip and she rocked it!

Finally, the camera was turned on some of the grown-ups and parents in attendance - looking pretty good themselves.
Yay for summer and celebrating good things with family.

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