Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Easy Does It

It figures that it would take five months and Memorial Day weekend to finally test out a Christmas gift from Andrew - the Pineapple Easy Slicer by VacuVin, apparently a company in the Netherlands. Andrew purchased it in a much more convenient location - Williams-Sonoma. Here it is facing its opponent, a ripe pineapple.

I have to admit that I had my skepticism on whether it would work as well as promised. It came in one piece, was fairly lightweight and didn't seem like a worthy opponent for the tough and prickly pineapple.

All you have to do is slice the top off the pineapple and center the slicer over the core of the pineapple:

My puny little arms had no problem twisting the slicer through the pineapple in a clockwise motion. It literally took less than a minute to twist to the bottome of the pineapple:
One quick tug and the edible part of the pineapple slid right out:
Leaving the core and an intact pineapple shell that could be used as decorative container (if so inspired, mine went straight into the trash):
The twisting process did generate some juice, which went straight into a pitcher of sangria I was making, along with some chunks of pineapple.

The verdict? The Dutch are awesome and clever, and I will be eating fresh pineapple more often.

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