Thursday, July 1, 2010

Eek! 100 Days To Go

It's funny, typing this post now, I feel pretty calm about it being 100 days out to our wedding.

This morning, I was feeling panicky and frantically thinking about what else needs to get done right away. Coupled with a busy day at work, I was walking around with a stressed look on my face that even coworkers commented on.

However, we have gotten a few things checked off our list in the past week:
  • Getting our flights to Rome booked for the honeymoon
  • Finalizing our menu for the reception
  • And as of today, I've got a traveling stylist booked to do my wedding makeup and hairstyle and that of my bridal party's! This was something that a bit intimidating for me at first but I love who I booked and I'm glad she was reasonably priced enough to include my bridal party.
  • Ordered my earrings and my veil. It's funny, I was anti-veil at first. Then I was thinking something simple and plain. And then I saw a picture of my wedding dress with a mantilla veil. You'll have to wait until the wedding day to see what I decided on (but I don't think it's hard to guess)! :)
Also in progress:
  • FOUR drafts of my invitations down, hopefully the fifth to come soon - it's been hard to describe what I want but I know when I see the right version, I'll feel it. I've poured a ton of time into this in the past two weeks, researching graphics and other invitations to see if I can find an example of what I want to share with my invitation designer. It's been a collobrative but frustrating process, and thankfully, the designer is patient and optimistic.
  • Wedding bands (as in the bling, not the music) - we checked out bands at Longs last weekend, and hope to squeeze in at least another jewelery store visit this weekend.
  • Table linens - so many choices and combinations to ponder


Ms. Camille said...

I am getting SO excited for your big day!
Hooray for J & A!


bcallegra said...

Thanks Camie! :) We're eager to share it with everyone (and to relax when it's over!)

newlywed said...

Good luck with everything! We just had our wedding at another Northeastern venue...I've been reading your blog for a while, enjoying the recipes and wedding planning. Try etsy for your veil -- I got a beautiful veil that way at a GREAT price.

bcallegra said...

Thanks newlywed, and a big congratulations to you! I have a friend that got married at Henderson House (I'm guessing that's where you got married) and I know from her pics that it's a beautiful venue. Thanks for the advice, I'll definitely check out Etsy for veils as I'm on that site on a daily basis trying to stop myself from buying everything in site. :)

newlywed said...

Yes, we went with Henderson House, though we looked at the Warren Center too. They were great there and people are still raving about the food! Good luck with the invitations...that was the one thing that had me threatening to elope!