Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Thai Takeout Trauma

Andrew and I are finding it hard to find some good takeout places in the area. We were in the mood for Thai on Tuesday night, and after being shot down by the closest Thai place to us (who informed us they weren't delivering that night - weird), we settled for another place within three miles that had better reviews on Yelp - Bangkok Cafe. At this point, we were getting hungry so despite the fact that they only offer pick-up, we decided to go for it.

Little did we realize how accurate Anderew was when he joked that the fact that the restaurant was completely empty at around 7:30 pm was not a good sign.

We went with our basic order of pad thai with shrimp (always a good basis) for comparison:

Thai spring rolls, another favorite and an order of the "Wild Boar Basil", a pork dish someone had recommended on Yelp:

The verdict? Spring rolls were short, squat and slightly greasy in flavor. The problem is that we've been spoiled by Jamjuli's wonderfully light spring rolls. The Wild Boar Basil was just meh - it was really spicy but didn't have much flavor. And the pad thai was simply horrible. Most of the noodles tasted plain and the ones that appeared to have been tossed in the sauce had no real flavor. Worst off, this place was pretty expensive for Thai takeout (our bill was $40 for the four things mentioned above), which is a lot more than we usually paid for Jamjuli, which is located in Newton.

I consider this money spent as a lesson learned - we will definitly not be ordering any food from them in the future. And I am glad that my office is still close to Newton. A late day at work tonight allowed me to swing by Jamjuli on my way home (now that the worse of the rush hour traffic had cleared). Did this mean we ate Thai food two days straight? Yes. But we aren't really counting Tuesday since it sucked so much for us.

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