Monday, April 19, 2010

Sunday Felt A Little Like Summer...

Not because of the weather. Because it was cold and rainy and we even had hail at one point during the drive down to Plymouth.

Despite all that, it felt a little like summer due to the restaurant Andrew's dad Tom picked for his birthday dinner - Wood's Seafood on the Plymouth waterfront:
There's some of the aforementioned weather - it made for some pretty dramatic coloring. And although it was still the offseason, you can tell that Wood's attracts a loyal following - by the time we left, every table was taken in the place!
The decor was a little kitschy but fit in with the seafood theme - as you can see, Andrew had fun posing with the harpoon gun (I'm taking a stab - haha - at what it was):
My choice for dinner? Fried shrimp and rice pilaf (my Korean side always come out in the fact that I prefer rice with all my proteins). The shrimp was nice and crispy, not too greasy and the cocktail sauce was awesome!! The little cups they provide you with are definitely not enough:
Phu and Magali joined us to help celebrate Tom's birthday and they seemed to like the food as well (although I caught them mid-chew listening to something Tom was saying):
We headed back to the house for dessert. Charlotte made her signature Baked Alaska and the birthday boy got to help spread the meringue over the mound of pistachio, chocolate peanut butter and vanilla ice cream:
You have to take the time to carefully spread every bit of meringue so there is no hint of ice cream peeking out - that way, the ice cream stays insulated when the Baked Alaska goes under the broiler:

Out of the oven, it was time to sing Happy Birthday so Tom could blow out the candles on his special birthday dessert:

Our contribution? I'm sad to report that I did not bake this weekend but it did give us an opportunity to check out a great new (to us) bakery - White's in Hingham. The masterpiece you're looking at is a Heath Bar cake and it was very good. I also love how clever the bakery was in writing a special birthday message on the cake:
As we sat in the dining room and savored our desserts, I could see the covered pool in the backyard, which made me feel hopeful that the weather would be warm enough in a month to take the cover off and enjoy a meal outside.

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