Thursday, April 1, 2010

March Office Potluck

Two more birthdays to celebrate in our office meant it was time for another potluck! You may notice a difference in the quality of these pictures compared to my usual posts, since I had a chance to play around with my department's new Nikon - I love the clarity of the shots since it makes the food look so much better!

Starting from the end of the table where all the desserts were on display - my contributions were some coconut macaroons that I had frozen from a batch I had baked on Thursday night and my signature oatmeal cranberry cookies (a favorite of one of the birthday coworkers):
A view of the two tables loaded down with food - yes, that's my rice cooker you can see at the end of the table:
Did I mention how eclectic our potlucks are? From L to R, fruit with a dark chocolate dipping sauce, sushi (ordered right before lunch) and homemade bread with raisins and dried fruit:
I was a little worried that we wouldn't have enough entrees to go around, but the Asian meatballs on the left and the chili on the right ended up being the perfect amount - we literally scraped the bottom of both bowls to feed a latecomer!
In a rare display of cooking, I actually "cooked" using a simple recipe - coconut milk, fish sauce, sriracha sauce, peanut butter and turkey meatballs cooked to tender perfection in my handy dandy crock pot:

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