Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Modern Portrait Artist (whatever that means)

Courtesy of the last Daily Candy Weddings email - an artist who makes adorable (and affordable!) hand drawn portraits based on a photo and personal details you provide her.

I officially heart Nan Lawson. Her drawings appear relatively simple but I love her style. I MUST figure out some way to work this into my wedding plans, although at this point, I've learned that everything you can't cram everything that you fall in love with into your wedding. It'll end up a tacky, disjointed circus if you do! :)


Jennifer said...

The obvious solution is to have the portrait done and then have it put on a cake :)

bcallegra said...

Haha, I think the only problems are 1) the artist is now backlogged due to her Daily Candy exposure and 2) it wouldn't fit in with our cake theme.