Sunday, April 25, 2010

Healthy Breakfast

I've been trying to eat healthier on the whole with very mixed results.  So after over-indulging in deliciously fatty food on Saturday, I was extra determined to eat something healthy for breakfast on Sunday.

A cup of water and old fashioned oats, along with cinnamon and a dried cranberry/raisin/golden raisin mix turned into a wonderfully gluey meal in mere minutes:
Topped with brown sugar and a little more cinnamon, it turned into a semi-healthy breakfast but tasted great!
My dad wasn't much of a cook as we were growing up (sorry dad!) but one of things I remember him making for me and Amy was gluey oatmeal. And I say gluey as a positive feature because that's definitely the best way to eat it! Another great way he used to serve it was topped with honey or maple syrup, with milk poured on top. The combo of warm oatmeal and cold milk is great!


NOLA said...

We grew up with cream on the oatmeal with maple syrup. Gosh, I had totally forgotten that til I read your blog! Where was your Dad from?

bcallegra said...

NOLA, He's Boston, born and bred, so maybe it's a Northeast thing?