Friday, April 2, 2010

Living It Up At The Ledge

One of the perks of living in our new house is the opportunity to explore new neighborhoods and one of the most important attractions - the restaurants!

One of my most frequent dining companions -  and Yelp expert - Jen and I decided to hit up Ledge in Dorchester recently (full disclosure: two weeks ago) and we were pleased by what we found.

Jen graciously poses with our drinks - that's her Reisling to the right and my muscat wine martini (Jen will need to correct me if I'm wrong, as remembering the correct name for drinks is hard two weeks after the fact!) My martini was delicious but definitely way overpriced - at $13, I paid for the novelty but doubt I would order it again at that price:
I simply loved my entree, plain and simple. I got the 10 oz sliced hangar steak, which came with the choice of two sides. I opted for mashed potatoes and maple glazed butternut squash. Everything was executed well and tasted wonderful - Andrew can attest to this as he gobbled up my leftovers the next day (I'm think we'll need to start doing duo reviews where I give my opinion on a dish hot and Andrew gives his opinion on it cold and as a leftover!)
Jen got what she called "grown up chicken tenders" aka the crunchy chicken tenderloins. It was a generous serving and she liked them enough to get a doggie bag to take the rest home. I was too busy diving into my steak to try the chicken but I did manage to snag some fries and they were pretty good for steak fries (which I usually avoid since they are too thick and mealy for my taste):
For dessert, creme brulee. Again, simple dish done well. No complaints from me although who wouldn't ask for bigger servings? :)
Jen got another classic - Carrot Cake. This was actually the second slice served to her. We had a waiter in training who was shadowing a veteran waiter at our table. Just as he reached our table with desserts, and placed mine down, he managed to drop Jen's first slice of cake down, somehow getting it smear across the front of his clothing while it splattered at our feet. We were both just clear of the splatter zone, so it was more that we felt bad for the guy. I am happy to report that the second slice arrived without incident, and Jen was pleased by the fact that it was a corner slice which meant more frosting (although I must admit to being surprised by the fact that it came in sheet cake form, rather than the traditional slice from a round cake):
My overall assessment of Ledge? Great food, avoid the overpriced mixers for the beer and wine, and dessert is fine if you're in the mood, but it also may be better to grab dessert from somewhere else. I also have to put in a plug for the live music they had (it was a Friday night) - Jen kept remarking that the singer sounded just like the Pogues.

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