Thursday, April 15, 2010

To Have?

Is it sad that I'm loving these ring bearer bowls (vs. a traditional pillow) even though we don't have a ring bearer?

Andrew and I (really, more me) have been grappling about the whole flower girl/ring bearer thing. The problem is not knowing a bunch of cute kids. In fact, all my friends have been blessed with incredibly adorable kids. The thing that stops me is that a lot of these parents are looking forward to an "adult" weekend away from the kids and I really do want them (the parents) to have a good time (in fact, a kick-ass time at the wedding). So I may end up getting one of these just as something to hold my rings on my night stand. And if you're wondering, yes, my wedding planning side is back in full force!!

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NOLA said...

Allow children for an hour or 2 and then plug them into a group sitter close by with a pile of videos! Everyone will be happy