Sunday, April 4, 2010

2010 Easter Dinner

Andrew's parents graciously hosted us, Phu and Magali for Easter dinner this year. As I promised Tom and Charlotte, we're due to have them over once we actually have a dining room table and chairs for everyone to sit on!

The scene: a beautifully set table with bowls of candy for each of us at each place setting. No Easter bags with tinsel this year, since it would end up in A.J.'s mouth!
Charlotte took the time to match each napkin to the napkin holder, the origami crane set that we got her as a Christmas gift:
The entertainment? Literally hours of watching A.J. scamper around things, on people and into shoes:
The best part? The food, of course. Ham with a tarragon mustard sauce and a roasted spring vegetable mix of radishes, asparagus and sugar snap peas:
With scalloped potatoes and caesar salad with homemade dressing on the side (with delicious fresh romaine in the salad):
A close-up of my loaded plate (yes, there are potatoes underneath that big heap of salad and I had seconds of both!):
With fresh pineapple salsa as a garnish for the ham. I thought the overall meal was perfect for a warm spring day, since each bite of the meal brought a fresh, light taste of fruit or vegetable with the ham representing Easter tradition:
A.J. was going nonstop the whole time and finally passed out on Andrew's lap:
Dessert was a bit rushed since we had to make it back home for an unexpected delivery (more to come on that in a later post). Oreo ice cream cake (our contribution, sadly not homemade), a chocolate macaroon torte by Andrew's mom and some of my Cadbury creme egg cookies from the other day:

Since poor Amy had to work today, she was the beneficiary of the meal's leftovers and she assured me that everything tasted just as good hours later, so she felt as though she was there in spirit.

I think Andrew and I may need to hold off on buying furniture indefinitely since his parents always do a great job of bringing everyone together and stuffing us full of good things.  Here's hoping that your Easter was filled with as much family, friends, fun and food - everything good!

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