Saturday, April 3, 2010

Cadbury Creme Egg Cookies

It was a busy baking week, since I had already baked for the Wednesday potluck in work. Although I was tempted just to be lazy and let Easter go by, I'm just a sucker for celebrating the holidays with something fun.  Especially in the office, since we all work pretty hard and it's nice to have something special to liven up the work day.

I eyeballed Beantown Baker's Easter Candy Bites and decided they were just the thing to make since I adore the mini Cadbury creme eggs (like Beantown Baker, I find the oozing filling vs. chocolate ratio in the larger creme egg size to be a bit overwhelming and messy) and because the recipe seemed pretty simple with a small amount of ingredients.

Just for those of you out there (like Andrew) who had never heard of MINI Cadbury creme eggs, this is what they look like. In Massachusetts, it seems like you can only get these at a pharmacy (like CVS or Walgreens) or a mass market store like Target or Walmart. Good luck trying to find them in your seasonal aisle at the supermarket (of course, this is just based on my observations). The packaging is cute, colorful and resembles a tiny carton of eggs. I ended up getting three packages since I doubled the original recipe:
I'm too lazy tonight to type up the simple recipe, so again, vistit Beantown Baker for the specifics.

I ended up changing the name of mine since the end result seemed more like a cookie according to my coworkers and Andrew. Andrew was also dead on as describing the texture as almost like a moist pie crust. I liked the fact that the flavor of the cream cheese came through.  Set into mini cupcake wrappers I picked up in Japan, they seemed very Spring-like:
My observations on making these adorable cookies? I don't think you need to refrigerate the dough a full hour; I did mine for 40 minutes and they came out fine. Also, I like putting the "thinner" end of the egg down into the cookie once they came out of the oven, since I think the "fatter" ends looked nicer coming out the top. To me, they almost seemed like an Easter version of Peanut Blossoms aka peanut butter cookies with chocolate kisses on top.
Also, the cookie tastes pretty plain on it's own but when you manage to get a piece of the super sweet Cadbury creme egg in each bite, it's truly a perfect combo.

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Jen said...

So glad you liked these. I agree, the only place I can find the mini Cadbury eggs is at CVS or somewhere similar. They never have them at our stop and shop.