Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Partying With Hatter

Finally - the whole reason we were in New York for the weekend, my "bestie's" (as my British coworkers would put it) thirtieth birthday party!

After we stuffed ourselves at Shake Shack, we headed back to Amanda's apartment to work on our costumes. You've already seen what Amanda and I ended up dressing as, but can you guess what Andrew is?
Figure it out yet? An opening in a piece of black felt, and Andrew is isntantly transformed into the rabbit hole! Easy, cheap and comfortable and it made me crack up each time I saw him wearing it:
I think Camie's outfit was obviously one of the best - it's hard to get the full effect without seeing her pants, socks and shoes, but she embodied the spirit of the Mad Hatter:
Even Fred was dressed for the occasion as a pig costume:
Pig (I can't mention pig without saying the line "That'll do, pig. That'll do") and Hatter were perfectly happy at the party surrounded by character such as Alice, the Ace of Hearts, either Tweedle Dee or Tweedle Dum, and one of my personal favorites - a pair of spades that came ready to paint the roses red (carrying posies of fake flowers with red paint spashed on them) who nearly got everyone in the room high off of the permanent marker fumes emanating from the costumes. All in all, a good night.
Happy Birthday Camie, ahem, Hatter. And I have to show a picture of the cake that Amanda picked up at Two Little Red Hens - it was a birthday cake beautiful enough to come straight from the pages of "Through the Looking Glass":

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