Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Berry Freeze

Some people may see another frozen yogurt place in the Boston area and think, "Oh no, not another store to jump on the frozen yogurt bandwagon." Not me! Amy was the one that actually spotted this place on Sunday when we were checking out Gap in Coolidge Corner but it wasn't until Monday night that Andrew and I were able to check it out.

From the banner on the outside, I felt like the place was going to be rather bootleg but I was pleasantly surprised:

The interior was freshly painted in bright colors and featured funky lighting and retro furniture. The interesting twist, compared to other froyo places, was that it was all self serve - you get to dispense the yogurt and pile on the toppings:

You can't really tell from this angle, but they had a wide variety of fruit and candy toppings, as well as the ubiquitous cereal. Andrew was a bit skeeved out by the fact that people would be handling the utensils and around the toppings but I wasn't phased, considering I eat from a salad bar for most lunches!
You get charged by weight, at a rate determined by what size cup you choose. I meant to hold onto my receipt but I'm pretty sure it was roughly $.85 per oz, and it came to around $8.50 total for me and Andrew. So it's definitely cheaper than BerryLine or Just Chill.

Andrew loved the little round tables, especially since you could revolve them like a lazy Susan, which meant it was easy for him to get his hands on my cup!

I got a little bit of coconut, a little bit of blueberry and a lot of the natural flavored yogurt, topped with strawberries, raspberries and almonds. I thought the blueberry flavor was awesome and the natural, my standard for judging frozen yogurt, was good but not as good as BerryLine or Just Chill. It was also more watery and grainy in texture than most frozen yogurts I've tried.

But overall, pretty good! Especially with the self serve factor and cheaper pricing.

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