Saturday, November 14, 2009

Friday Night Dinner with the Fam

As my Uncle Rich is a big beer aficionado, we decided to introduce him to one of our favorite places - the Publick House in Brookline - which is known for its beer selection:

Since my cousin Andrea is usually unable to make it out for dinner or hiking due to the fact that she juggles two jobs and works seven days a week, I was especially glad that she was able to join us on Friday:
After an extremely long wait for a table (1.5 hours and a mistaken call 45 minutes into our wait when the hostess thought she had called the right number for an available table), we were extremely happy to be seated:

I've been on a seafood kick of late (which is weird, since I usually don't eat seafood), which has included cooking shrimp at home, grabbing scallops from Whole Foods and conquering the Mussels Frites below:

Did I mention that we all enjoyed Publick House's excellent selection of beers? Plus, I introduced Andrea, a non-beer drinker, to Original Sin's Cider:

We were having so much fun taking pictures that the guy at the table behind us couldn't resist joining in:
As an added bonus, Amy's friend Jen ended up joining us for the last hour at the table:

And then we acquired Pete, who was really just looking to bum a ride to Newton:

Thumbs up all around to the Publick House for a fun night - thumbs down for the ridiculously long wait.


Jen said...

We LOVE Publick House. I was there last week for dinner with a friend and tried the pumpkin ravioli special - it was AMAZING!

bcallegra said...

Jen, I would say Publick House definitely gets too crowded because of all the people like us that love it! I love their pumpkin ravioli and I'm so glad they brought it back as a menu item - I'll have to save room for it next time. I filled up too much on the frites on this past visit.

Underoo Elf said...

I didn't know that they had pumpkin ravioli - we HAVE to go! I actually dream about them ...

bcallegra said...

Underoo Elf - Yup, they used to have fried pumpkin ravioli as an appetizer choice and regular ravioli as an entree - hopefully they will keep the ravioli as a permanent item rather than a seasonal one!