Sunday, November 22, 2009

Part Three: Japanese Lunch

Part of the adventure of traveling in Japan is finding a restaurant with food that you want to eat and if you're lucky, a menu with pictures or even better, with English on it. We found a promising restaurant to try in Hakone and both Dad and Andrew were relieved to see that they offered beer:

My drink of choice was a lemon soda, as in lemon juice mixed with soda water - it was pretty and refreshing:

Andrew went with minced pork cutlets as his main meal, accompanied by miso soup, white rice and some dishes that I didn't recognize (they looked a bit unappetizing so he left them untouched):

My Dad had tempura seafood and vegetables over rice with a side of miso soup:

I went with a Japanese classic - tonkatsu (breaded pork cutlet) with curry, served over rice:

I'm happy to report that Andrew enjoyed his first Japanese meal in a restaurant, and that we were able to follow it up with some excellent soft serve ice cream afterwards.
I had never seen such a wide variety of exotic flavors, there was sweet melon, black sesame, custard pudding, edamame, purple sweet potato, tofu and your more typical flavors such as strawberry, chocolate and vanilla, cookies and cream, etc.
Andrew went with blueberry (listed as bluebelly), I chose one of my Asian favorites - chestnut, and my Dad chose caramel. I have to admit that I love ice cream no matter what country I eat it in, but I do have a soft spot for Japanese soft serve - yummy!


CR said...

Bluebelly! Get in my Belly...

bcallegra said...

It's hysterical how many "r's" we've noticed as "l's" in Japanese signs this week!