Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Zaftig's in Brookline

It's been a crazy and tiring week. I'm feeling a bit stretched thin with everything I'm juggling and a lack of sleep, which is why you've seen a whole slew of restaurant meals lately instead of what I've been baking or making. Here's another one - after a failed attempt to run an errand in Coolidge Corner last night (more on that later), Andrew and I wandered down Harvard Ave until a restaurant caught our eye. The restaurants was Zaftig's Delicatessen, which describes itself as a new "Jewish-style" restaurant.

Instead of a bread basket, the meals start with bagel chips and herbed cream cheese:

The onion rings were pretty good, as you can tell from the plate. For those of you who know my aversion to ketchup, it'll come as no surprise that I took a pass on the Cajun catsup:
I know it's November and I'll be tired of this combo by the end of the month, but I went with an open-faced turkey sandwich on challah bread accompanied by mashed potatoes, gravy, stuffing and cranberry and apricot chutney (what we commoners would call cranberry sauce). The turkey was excellent, I loved the flavor of the gravy, I didn't think the mashed potatoes added much, I wasn't a huge fan of the stuffing's flavor although I liked its texture and the big chunks of veggies and the chutney added the right touch of sweetness:

Andrew went with the Chicken Caesar salad wrap and gave two thumbs up for the fries - I was too full from my sandwich and the onion rings to swipe one from him:

This meal was homey and good (although a trifle overpriced) but was enough to lift my spirits for the rest of the night.

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Jen said...

You have to go to Zaftigs for breakfast/brunch. It's SO GOOD! The potato pancakes and eggs benedict are amazing.