Monday, November 9, 2009

I Heart Boston!

Andrew and I made it into Boston super early (for us on a weekend) on Sunday for our engagement shoot. An hour later, we had shed our coats and wanted to linger in the city to enjoy the gloriously warm weather.

So we went for a walk along the Esplanade by Andrew's old apartment on Beacon Street, and saw the Red Line crossing the Charles into the city:
It was warm enough that there were a ton of sailing boats on the water:
After walking the length of the Esplanade, we headed towards the Prudential Center where this outdoor installation caught our eye:

I looked down to read the story behind the installation...

...and then looked up to find this wise guy amongst the cutouts - would it be too sickeningly cute to point out that he already warms my heart? :)

Finally, we killed enough time in the city to score an outdoor table at our favorite, the Parish Cafe when it opened at noon:

Don't be surprised to see Parish Cafe pop up in our engagement pictures (can I state again how much I can't wait to see them?!?)

Yay for eating at one of our favorite restaurants, outdoors, with no coats on, in November!
And double yay for living in a such a beautiful, walkable city that is just my speed.


Underoo Elf said...

Nice sweater :)

bcallegra said...

Why thank you, I had excellent help in picking it out!

CHicks said...

He is most definitely a wise guy, and he warms my heart,too. I also agree with Underoo Elf - very pretty sweater.