Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Only in Japan would you find "beautiful" frozen yogurt.

While walking to Enoshima, I almost walked past this storefront until Andrew brought it to my attention. I stopped dead in my tracks and then insisted that we had to go in, to the amusement of my dad:

Inside, the decor was very girly - hot pink and black - complete with a pink and black chandelier. Even more amusing was how the menu was set up - the frozen yogurt portion of the menu was called the "Fitting Room" and the portion sizes came in cute, sexy and glamorous - take that Starbucks!

Toppings were called "Jewelery" and as you may be able to make out on the mirror-shaped menu below, each fruit was assigned a different jewel name - for example, I believe raspberries were called rubies:
Putting all the kitschy trappings aside, how was the frozen yogurt? Considering that we're in Japan, the portion and topping sizes were accordingly small. Andrew is still complaining about the fact that he only got three blueberries. The flavor was OK, a bit washed out compared to what we have access to in the states. Not that these two minded.

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