Monday, November 9, 2009

Engagement Photo Preview

Andrew and I were fortunate enough to experience crazy warm temperatures yesterday for our engagement shoot around Boston. It's rare that in November at 9 am one is warm enough to walk around without a coat on and while everyone laughed at me when I said this, I truly felt that it was a good omen that means we'll have nice weather for the rest of our major wedding events (fingers crossed!)

I was excited to see that our photographers (Jesse and Heather from Ciras Photography) posted a preview pic from the shoot up this morning on their blog - we are the second couple featured in the most recent post.

I like how Andrew and I are looking at each other but the only thing about the picture I don't like is the fact that my arm is hanging there a bit awkwardly (I did place it on Andrew's arm later). Heather said she liked the fact that we were always laughing at one another, there was no need to prompt us to act animated for pictures except for those first nervous shots.

We're anticipating seeing the shoot in its entirety later this week so I will keep you posted!


CR said...


Underoo Elf said...

That shot was gorgeous - I can't wait to see the rest!

bcallegra said...

Thank you for the unanimous vote of gorgeous on the pic - although, I'm sure since you both are bridesmaids, these can't be considered unbiased opinons. :)

Jeanne said...

my unbiased opinion...beautiful! i love how natural you both look. very relaxed and very in love! can't wait to see more! !

bcallegra said...

Thanks Jeanne! As much as Andrew and I are complaining about what we would change in the picture, we both still love it for the same reasons you mentioned. :)