Sunday, November 22, 2009

Japanese Grocery Store

On Sunday, Andrew and I took a day of rest. Which means we slept in until 7 am (which is late for jet lag, considering we woke up at 4 am this morning) and stuck with our vow to avoid anything with a lengthy amount of travel. Instead, Andrew got the five minute tour of Zama, which was the full tour considering how big the base is. We ventured off base for a quick trip to one of my favorite restuarants, Bamiyan, for lunch and then we walked through the Odakyu OX grocery store that is connected to the Sobudaimae train station.

It reminded me of Whole Foods in terms of how attractively the fruit was displayed (notice that each peace of fruit is in its own separate protective wrapping) and the prices!

Here's a shot of my Uncle Rich's favorite section, the beer. My Dad and Andrew stocked up on a few choices to enjoy with a pizza dinner later on in the day:
One of my personal favorites, the ice cream section which extended down both sides of an aisle:
More desserts in the prepared foods section:

And finally, similar again to Whole Foods, an impressive prepared meals section which I would love to have in the US:


CHicks said...

I love this blog!!!

bcallegra said...

And I love having dedicated readers like you reading my blog! :) I'm glad you're getting a sense of Andrew's experiences through the post - I hope you enjoy them as much as I have.

Richard said...

Good job Joyce, I so miss Japan! Take Andrew up the Toyko Muncipal office tower, a short walk from Shinjuku. Free observatory and great views of Tokyo...

bcallegra said...

Thanks Rich, I think we're heading to Shinjuku today so hopefully we can find the tower you mentioned!