Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Jake's Seafood In Hull

Where has the summer gone? Before the last of the warm weather escapes (ignore the current spell of rainy weather we're stuck with), I urge you to head over to Hull and enjoy one last lobster roll of the season at Jake's Seafood Restaurant.

On a sunny day not too long ago, I had a craving for some seafood and I wanted to find a place that next to the weather and new to me. Using the always handy-dandy Yelp and the parameters of picking a place within reasonable driving distance to our house, Andrew suggested Hull.

Within 30 minutes, we stepped out of the car and this is the scene that greeted us. Complete bliss.

I could've lingered by the waterside, enjoying the fresh sea air and sun over the water...
But my stomach was growling so I took one last look and it was time to head inside:

Hull's waterfront was bustling and the parking lot was packed - there's a decent amount of parking but consider yourself lucky if you're able to nab a spot:

The first thing that greeted us when Andrew and I walked in the door - the fish market portion of Jake's which had a wide assortment of fresh seafood.

Andrew and I had a short wait for a table - 10 minutes, which was ridiculously short for a sunny Sunday afternoon and ended up standing in front of the fish again, which mesmerized us with their range of colors:

But we were here to eat, not stare, So once we were seated, we ordered one of our all-time favorites, calamari. We requested some marinara to go alongside it, but honestly, the cocktail sauce was so good that the cup of (slightly watery) marinara remained untouched.

I've been craving lobster rolls all summer and as most know, they usually come dressed in mayo or in Jake's case, plain. It was a little too plain for me (although I dislike mayo) but once I requested a side of butter to dip the lobster meat in, I was in hog heaven. The fries were good once I dipped them in malt vinegar (stinky feet smell aside):

Andrew dug into his Fisherman's platter and liked every bit of it - crispy, not too greasy and a nice assortment of fried fish, shrimp, scallops and oysters:
Service was quick (we were in and out within an hour) and the food was fresh and reasonably priced. Before we get further into September and away from summer, I recommend a trip to Jake's to satisfy your seafood craving.

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