Friday, July 29, 2011

Meet Cameron The Cutie

These pictures were originally supposed to appear in the last post about Philadelphia, but it was just too hard to pick just a few so I decided they deserved their own post!

While we were in Philly, Eric (another one of Andrew's college friends), his wife Jen and son Cameron drove into the city to meet up with us and hang out for a few hours.  Some of you may remember Cameron from way back when, he has really grown up (and grown a full head of hair) since then.  I had the opportunity to meet - and be charmed by - Cameron for the first time at the wedding but I didn't get nearly enough time to hang out with him.

He was adorably shy and stuck near his mom for the first hour, occasionally peering out at us. Once he got used to us, he started moving around the room more, especially when we started tempting him with treats like mini chocolate chip cookies.

Now look at how adorable those curls and smile are! Apparently, he's quite the ham around cameras and once I pointed the camera his way, Cameron immediately stopped chewing and shot me a grin.

I didn't quite get to held him by the end of the visit (probably for his own good, because I would have squeezed him hard for being so darn cute) but we were successful in getting him to talk a little bit. Of course, he was more enthralled with the basement window at the top of the stairs that allowed him to look out into the street but I won't take that personally.

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