Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Yolanda's Is Closing

This has been a big news day in Boston. First, the news that WBCN (one of my favorite radio stations) will be taken off the air in August in a shuffle that brings what was Mix 98.5 to 101.4 on the dial, and has a new sports channel taking over 98.5 - what a disappointment. Bubble gum pop and sports radio triumph over good rock and alternative music.

The other big news is that Yolanda's, one of the bridal shop meccas in Massachusetts, is closing and will have a sale with 50% - 75% off dresses starting next week. Although I was anticipating putting off the dress search for a few more months (with a chance to drop the 15 pounds I've gained in the past couple of years), I think I'm going to have to start clipping dresses I like out of magazines and make an appointment as soon as I can. I just don't think I can bear the craziness of a normal bridal shop weekend topped by women who have scented a sale. So I may take a half day at work to go in during the week. Which leaves me with the dilemma that no one else would be able to accompany me. And I think that scares me more, being left alone with pushy saleswomen and knowing how indecisive I can be. And I still don't know what I want in a dress.

UPDATE: Yolanda has posted a letter on her website explaining the sale of her shop, what happens to dresses that have already been ordered and mentioning that - yes! - dresses will be marked down through the month of August until their last day on the 29.


spongeamy said...

um...omg. obvi i will take time out of studying to go with you. those ladies don't stand a chance against me and my fists o' fury!!

bcallegra said...

I obviously thought of you but it would be a huge chunk of time to take out of bar studying! Who knows, maybe the earliest I can get an appointment will be sometime in August anyway. Thanks for volunteering!