Wednesday, July 22, 2009

It's Been A Long Day...

This week has been crazy at work, namely because we were working on a huge employee event for today. This has meant a lot of long days and early mornings, hence, me being too tired to post anything interesting.

So our event went off without a hitch today and was a lot of fun. The weather was decent - no rain, just a hint of sun (although it was strong enough to give me a light sunburn) and only slightly muggy. Despite being on my feet at 6:45 am, it was well worth it seeing everyone enjoying theirselves. Plus, who'd be unhappy with a free lunch, dessert from an ice cream truck, giveaways from companies like Izze, Red Bull, Otis Spunkmeyer and Food Should Taste Good. I've loved scavenger hunts since I was young, and I've made them for Amy (when we were young), the kids I used to babysit for and for Andrew on occasion. Thus, it was only natural that I was in charge of developing and overseeing a building-wide scavenger hunt as well - it was a hit and had our company's CEO approaching me to comment on it.

Then, I left straight from the close of the event at 3 pm to drive down to New London, CT. I managed to snag the 5 pm ferry rather than 6 pm that I booked. Although feeling clueless and apprehensive about driving a car onto a ferry (primarily, not knowing what to do), the process was pretty quick and painless. Getting off at Orient Point, Long Island, I enjoyed a nice drive through snazzy vacation homes, countless (literally a dozen) vineyards, farmstands. The only thing that seemed out of place was a cat that ran across the road that had the word "Ha" shaved into its side. I swear I wasn't hallucinating from exhaustion.

The nice part of the drive ended with 30 miles of highway. So totaling five hours of travel time, I finally arrived at my hotel in central Long Island. I had swung by a Bertucci's to pick up a dinner to go at 8 pm. I get to hotel, change into my pajamas and open meal of bruschetta and salad only to find that they forgot to pack any utensils. I was drained at this point and the thought of trying to find silverware somewhere in the hotel exhaused me. I'm not ashamed to admit that I ended up eating the bruschetta by hand (easy enough to scoop the topping with the pieces of toasted bread) and made an improvised sandwich by stuffing lettuce, mozarella and tomatoes into a hallowed out roll. Thank goodness I had ordered menu items that were relatively easy to eat by hand!

An long day of meetings awaits so it's time for this girl to get to bed!

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