Saturday, July 11, 2009

Biltmore Bar & Grille

Thursday night was a girls night for Jen and I. It was her turn to choose, so we headed over to the Biltmore Bar & Grille in Newton Upper Falls.

It is clearly a neighborhood favorite, as it was pretty packed at 6:30 pm. An observation that Jen made that was totally on point was that it seemed to be a favorite with "cougars" - older women in tight clothing and tons of makeup. That being said, there were definitely people around our age and families enjoying the food as well.

One of the charming touches with dinner is the fact that a server brings you yummy corn bread to snack on while reviewing the menu:

For drinks, Jen went with Abita's Purple Haze (a beer she got hooked on while doing her Mississippi service trip) and I tried Rapscallion's Honey Ale. I've got to be honest, my beer was nothing special, it just tasted like a hoppier Bud Light.

The entree list looked good but Jen and I were in the mood for Biltmore's delicious burgers. Jen got the plain Pub burger (with no cheese, due to her two-week trial period of eliminating lactose from her diet). I went with the decadent Biltmore burger that came topped with onion strings (although, I really don't remember seeing or tasting them), gruyere cheese and the Biltmore sauce, which seemed to be some sort of cheese/aoili mix):

Unfortunately, this is about the point where my camera died as I was trying to coax it to take pictures of my luscious, greasy burger. I'm even more disappointed as the desserts were very pretty (did you think we were going to skip dessert?) Jen went with the daily special, chocolate mousse served in a martini glass with sliced strawberries. I'm a sucker for anything a la mode so I opted for the very summery strawberry rhubarb crisp with an oatmeal topping and vanilla ice cream - it came out steaming hot in a massive dish, I ended up eating the portion right under the ice cream and ended up leaving half of it uneaten. That tells you how big it was because I'm usually scraping my dessert plates.

Overall, it had a charming neighborhood feel, the hostesses were wonderful with giving us table updates during our 15 minute wait and the corn bread was definitely one of the highlights of the meal.

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