Monday, July 13, 2009

This May Be "THE ONE"

Showing how fickle brides can be, and as much as we liked the previous site I alluded to, I fell completely in love with this reception site.

Starting with the long, tree-lined drive in - imagine how gorgeous this would look in the fall:

The main building onsite (keep in mind that things look a bit dreary due to the rainy weather on the day I visited) - the funny thing is that most of wedding would happen outdoors and around this building rather than inside:

One of the views from the ceremony site:

It's details like this that made me swoon - stonework and rich colors:

Outdoor cocktail reception sounds lovely to me:

There are a couple of big things that stand in the way of choosing this site - mainly, that our wedding date wouldn't be able to be confirmed until January 2010 although we would have a hold on the month of October (long story) and how much it will cost, as we would have to pay the caterer to set up tent, tables, chairs, linens, etc. The practical me is saying to go for the first site which was nice and neatly packaged with wedding deals - the bridezilla in me is saying to go for this site! We shall see, but next step is to get the pricing from the caterer and take Andrew on a tour of the place, since I went on my own during a weekday lunch hour.

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