Saturday, July 25, 2009

Green Thumb?

My parents have loved gardening as far as I can remember and even won a "Yard of the Month" award while we were living on base in Sagami Depot, Japan.

For me, it's been a whole other story. I start off with the best intentions but end up killing everything in sight. My yard's a mess (luckily, Andrew mows the lawn regularly to keep the weeds down) and I killed the apple and tangerine seedlings that Phu gave me for Arbor day - they flourished for a year until I mistakenly replaced the soil, thinking that it would be better to give the plants fresh soil. Instead, it caused them to grow mold. Yikes.

Which is why I'm proud of my morning glories - I planted them three or four years ago and they pop up every year like clockwork now:

Thank goodness for annuals - and these bring a nice pop of color to my yard while hiding an ugly chain link fence:

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