Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Mochi Ice Cream

A visit to Trader Joe's gave me the opportunity to share a childhood treat with Andrew - Mochi ice cream!

From what I recall, there were several flavors available, including strawberry and mango, but I chose chocolate as the best choice for Andrew:
Mochi is Japanese-style rice cake which is very chewy. When it's paired with ice cream, the mochi is stretched into a round sack, with the center filled with ice cream. Amy and I used to buy these from Korean corner stores (think something that resembles a New York bodega) and they would come packaged in sets of two, with green mochi and strawberry ice cream (if I'm remembering correctly) with a small plastic fork to eat it with. The Trader Joe's version comes with six, the perfect size for sharing:

This is Andrew looking at me and questioning what I'm feeding him. I know it doesn't look appetizing on the outside, but trust me!

He goes in for the bite:
And ends up liking it! This is what it looks like inside:

It's a fun twist on a classic summer dessert.

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