Sunday, July 5, 2009

Third of July Tradition - Manomet Beach

Friday night meant it was time for my family's Third of July tradition - spending day at John and Janet's house (my Dad's cousin) on Manomet Beach in Plymouth. Yes, just by coincidence, they happen to live in the same town as Andrew's parents.

Here's one of our gracious hosts, filming everyone on the deck as we enjoyed our first day of clear weather, good food, tons of cold beers and good company:

Here's my cousin Andrea (a bridesmaid) with her boyfriend Jonathan:

Here's Andrew with Adam and Amanda - the mingling of the two families went well and I think they've sealed an invitation back for next year's gathering:

Here's Rich with Andrea (his daughter):

Me and Andrew:
As the sun sets, it's time to head down to the beach - Andrew shows us his patriotic spirit and lets us know it's time to go:
Down at the beach, after going down a million stairs, we enjoy the bonfire and the sight of other bonfires lining the coast:

John and Janet had the brilliant idea of giving everyone glow-in-the-dark necklaces so we could recognize each other in the dark - you can't tell how dark it actually is because of the camera flash:

A shot of the four of us:
Another shot of the cute couple:
Taken by the light of the bonfire, which allows you to see the glow of the necklace:
One of the highlights of the evening was being serenaded by mysterious saxophone player playing patriotic favorites:
A perfect way to end the evening - a whole table filled with desserts, including a special "Bonfire Carrot Cake":


HRohlfs said...

My Family's Tradition also! Cape Cod Ave for the last 40 years!

bcallegra said...

My family is off Circuit Ave - small world and quite the experience!