Friday, July 24, 2009

Happy Hour Special

Apgujung is obviously a favorite neighborhood restaurant, yet we've never had a chance to try their 5 -7 pm, three appetizers for $8 (with the order of one drink) special. We tend to have our favorite dishes (including bibimbop), and order those over and over. Tonight, we were determined to try their appetizer special. What also pleased Andrew was the fact that Sam Seasonal was special beer on tap for only $3:
We ordered two appetizers specials - you could choose one type of roll from a list of 8 - 10 different types of rolls and two items off an appetizer list that included things like gyoza, scallion pancakes, potato cakes and shrimp tempura.
We went with an order of gyoza (my favorite thing on the plate), two orders of calamari with a spicy sauce (they were the size of onion rings with a light tempura coating), spicy tuna maki, kappa maki and spicy chicken (a bit dry, so I ended up dipping it in the sauce left by the gyoza):

Overall, it was definitely a great deal and a good amount of food to sample from. Admittedly, we supplemented this with two orders of our absolute favorite dish, the asparagus tempura roll. It's that good.

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