Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Date Night – Harry Potter Style

Knowing my love for everything Harry Potter, Andrew snagged tickets for opening night (tonight!) at the Framingham Premium cinema. For a premium price ($19 each), you get access to a special screening room with stadium-style, leather seating that is only open to people who are 21 years old or older. In addition, you get all the popcorn and soft drinks that you want as a part of the ticket price. Another perk is having access to the connected Grille Restaurant and bar, which means you can have a truly grownup movie date of dinner and drinks without having to worry about making it to the movie on time. My old coworker Jen P. used to rave about this theater and I’ve only heard good things from other people who’ve also done it.

This means I can enjoy Harry Potter in peace and quiet without having to endure a theater full of squirming kids (I love kids, but anyone can get annoyed by a room full of noisy kids on a sugar high). And in case you were wondering, the show is sold out tonight in the Premium theater, further proof that Camie and I aren’t the only grownups who love Harry Potter. And I know Andrew truly loves me for being willing to sit through the movie with me.

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