Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Brunch At Brasserie Les Halles

It's our third straight week of experiencing heavy rain storms, which equals flooded backyard. So I'm going to ignore the rain outside and think back to our lovely (dry!) weekend in NYC.

After arriving late Friday night (think after 11 pm), all we were good for was a quick catch-up chat with Amanda and it was straight to bed on the aero bed.

Saturday morning, we showered in record time and hailed a cab to meet up with a friend of Andrew's from Penn State - Jay - for brunch at Les Halles.

Of course, a French restaurant would serve excellent French press coffee - a pleasant surprise for Andrew as I'm not a coffee drinker:
As for me, I had the BEST fresh squeezed orange juice ever - you can tell from its deep orange color that it was flavorful and sweet. Plus, toasted pieces of baguette on the side with homemade strawberry preserves and orange marmalade:
Those were just the start for the meal - Andrew ordered the Ouefs Benedicte (Eggs Benedict) and Jay enjoyed the Deux Oeufs a Votre Facon:

This is my beautiful plate of Omelette Savoyarde which included a Gruyere cheese omelette with home fries and "toast" which was more delicious slices of baguette - you better believe that I ate those pieces as well! As for the omelette - meh, my uncultured palate prefers the saltiness of American cheese in my omelettes but I couldn't fault the quality of everything on my plate and the nice touches like the slices of orange and grapefruit:
The best way to work off the calories from this meal? Walk all the way back from 29th and Park Ave to Amanda's place, which approximately 60 blocks away. I also love the fact that you can walk the streets and look up to see a view like this - lovely!

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