Monday, March 15, 2010

Hello Beautiful!

From reading my last post, obviously, our first weekend in the house has been a little rough. But nothing compares to walking through the house and loving every nook and cranny because we own it (even the waterlogged sections!)

This includes the appliances - I can't tell you how much joy I've received from putting our groceries away in a roomy fridge or running a cycle of dishes in a dishwasher that actually works!

The one thing that I've been bummed about is the fact that I have yet to unearth my mixing bowl and baking ingredients to whip up a baked treat in my gorgeous new oven:

Needless to say, it's a marked improvement over the oven I was using for the past eight years:
Good bye hot spots, uneven baking, burnt tops and undercooked interiors - hello cheesecakes, pies, souffles and other delicate items!

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