Tuesday, March 2, 2010

I Never Get Tired of Korean Food

After a long day of shopping, the thing we all needed the most was a nap. Since we didn't have time for one, the second best thing was to stuff ourselves with good food. Apgujung fit the bill for its delicious Korean food (comfort food for me) and sushi (asparagus tempura maki is out of this world, Andrew and I always get two orders).

The funny thing is that Andrew and I had already eaten at Apgujung the night before everyone arrived. But we love the restaurant so much (and are trying to squeeze as much of favorites in before we move) that we readily agreed to go there at Amanda's suggestion, which was eagerly seconded by Camie and James. And we weren't too embarassed when the host looked surprised to see us back so soon. :)

Here's Amy expertly cooking her spicy pork bulgogi at one of the two grills set into the table:

Amanda seems glad that she went with one of our recommended favorites, the okdol bibimbop with beef:
Camie and James chose bulbogi as well, with Camie choosing the chicken and James the spicy pork (another favorite of ours): 
The famous asparagus tempura maki on the bottom with an action shot of the chicken and pork bulgogi sizzling on the grill:
Camie and James wisely decided to call it a night (poor Camie ended up suffering from heartburn due to the kimchi she eagerly ingested) while the rest of us headed back to Boston.

Since we were all exhausted from the frenzied day of shopping, we were back safe and sound in Newton at a relatively early time and headed straight for bed. We had time for a nice breakfast together, which also served the purpose of helping us empty our freezer and cupboards of food, before everyone hit the road - Camie, James and Amanda back to New York; Andrea to work at the OG; and Andrew and I to Bridgeport. Jen and Amy, both being local, had returned to their own beds the night before.

I know the fun that we had together as a group signals good times ahead for the bridal party! Special thanks to Andrew and James once again for withstanding all the estrogen. :)

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