Friday, July 9, 2010

Three Months To Go

Ok, I can't say that much else has been accomplished since the 100 day milestone a week ago. I'm now past my sixth draft of invitations, and I'm hoping desperately that I haven't annoyed my designer so much that I won't be receiving a seventh draft! I think part of it was due to the fact that I didn't fully understand the limitations of letterpress invitations (less is more, in case you were wondering) and I needed to separate what I admire in general to what I actually want to represent us and the wedding. Plus, I work with designers on a regular basis at work and I'm used to going through multiple drafts of projects at work and making changes left and right. I'm hoping that the seventh draft is a charm, especially since I want to get the invitations out by early August at the very latest.

The other big thing that got accomplished, with help, was getting the ball rolling on getting my Uncle Rich approved as our officiant. The state of Massachusetts will designate a person of your choice as an officiant for one day and for one wedding, but they won't let you apply for the designation until the wedding is three months out. Rich was the one that actually reminded me over the 4th of July weekend that we could think about applying for the designation. I filled out a portion of the one page Marriage Designation form and forwarded it to Rich, who filled out the rest and secured a letter of recommendation. For only $25 and a complete form, Rich will hopefully receive an official letter of approval in the coming weeks to serve as our officiant.

As for the marriage license itself, Andrew and I will be getting that sometime in August, due to the timing constraints around that as you have to get married within a certain amount of days of obtaining it.

Now I just need to get cracking on some of the DIY stuff and small details.

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