Saturday, July 17, 2010

Wedding Bling

I've never been one to enjoy using the term "bling" when referring to jewelry but I can't think of a term that's more appropriate when you're talking about wedding jewelry!

We had checked out Long's Jewelers a couple of weeks back, and while we were impressed by our salesperson's knowledge, I wasn't impressed by the smaller selection of rings and I didn't see anything that felt right with my engagement ring. Barmakian had gotten rave reviews from the Boston Knot brides, plus a few friends that had gotten their rings there, so it made our list of places to check out. We decided to visit the Framingham location (which was pretty impressive) and make it a day of running errands at the various stores in the Natick/Framingham area.

I think it ended up taking us around 30 minutes to pick out a wedding ring for me, and to my surprise, I ended up walking out with it in hand. For some reason, I thought they would have to order away for it but the ring was a good fit. Our saleswoman recommended waiting a little bit before deciding whether or not to get it resized, since it's hard to get a good gauge on fit when the weather is this hot and humid outside. I thought this advice was spot on, since my engagement ring got resized around this time of the year, and I swear that it's slightly too big on my finger for most of the year when the weather is normal.

Back to the wedding ring, my saleswoman told me I could come back before the wedding to get it resized for free if I wanted, and to get both my engagement and wedding rings cleaned and polished. Sweet! They also cleaned my engagement ring that day and I must say, it was sorely needed. Nothing like trying on squeaky clean and shiny wedding bands to help point out how dirty your engagement ring is.

Do you want to see what it looks like?

Not quite yet - this is another surprise that gets unveiled at the wedding. The band is super simple, and without sounding too obnoxious, I actually ended up going with smaller diamonds than I originally anticipated. I wanted something that would complement, not outshine, my engagement ring and to tell you the truth, anything too big and shiny just looked weird on my hand. I heart the ring and I can't wait for Andrew to put it on my finger!

What about Andrew's ring, you may be thinking? He actually realized at Longs that all he wanted was a simple domed ring. We were quoted a very high price for a low-weight platinum ring, and he found the same ring online at medium weight for nearly half the price. We're fine with the whole online thing, since Andrew actually ordered my engagement ring from an online retailer (James Allen) and we've both been satisfied by the quality. Andrew looked over the (very extensive) men's seleciton at Barmakians but didn't try on a thing since it only confirmed how much he liked the simple style he had settled on at Longs. So after we got home on Saturday night, we purchased Andrew's ring online from White Flash. Ordering my ring online would've been nearly impossible with all the subtle differences women's bands have and getting a sense for how well it fit next to my engagement ring.

Regardless, we're excited to have made an important decision and feel confident in our choices. Plus, I've got a nice sense of relief from getting yet another big wedding thing crossed off the to-do list.


newlywed said...

Congrats on checking something else off the list! I got my wedding band there as well...and I was really pleased with the whole experience as well as the ring.

bcallegra said...

Thanks, it was definitely a big check! I was pleasantly surprised by Barmakian's selection as well as their informative and low-pressure sales service.