Sunday, July 11, 2010

Favorite Moments From The Fourth

You've already heard about my third of July but what did we do on the actual holiday? Enjoy a small family BBQ with Andrew's parents, aunt and uncle, and cousin.  It was another HOT and sweltering day, so we spent most of the day lounging around the pool, eating and enjoying the antics of Andrew's cousin's little girls.

The other main attraction of the day was Andrew's parents' grapevine - this thing is a monster compared to our two little plants. I was pleased to see grapes forming on their vine...

...and was even more charmed by what was hidden within. Andrew's dad told us that a robin had built her nest in the vines. While this was a bad decision on the robin's part, because each time someone would go on the deck, it would alarm the robin and she spent most of the day flying in and out of the vines all day, it was good for us because we go to see this:
As I told Tom, this was the first time I had seen robin eggs in person "other than the candy ones that you eat for Easter."

I'm also happy to report that the neighbor's cat Smokey made it down from the tree, and spent most of the afternoon resting in the shade of the grapevines. I swear she wasn't even aware of the robin and was just looking for a cool place to relax.

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spongeamy said...

omg! never knew robin eggs were actually blue! awesome!