Monday, July 26, 2010

Care Package Of Sorts

Ugh. The past week has just been crazy. And most of it wasn't wedding related, yikes! So if there are any readers left, I promise you I have an extensive backlog of posts and pictures. But they're not going up tonight, I chose to workout for the first time in weeks over blogging (extensively).  Maybe tomorrow. If I catch up on sleep.

I leave you with this shot, one of the highlights of the past week - a care package from home. Actually, a box from my parents that contained the MOB (mother-of-the-bride) dress that my mom didn't like, shipped to me so I could return it. The packing material my mom used?

Package upon package of Japanese "Asparagus biscuits". Which is a complete misnomer since they are not asparagus-flavored (just shaped like asparagus) and are a type of slightly sweet cookie instead - I know the British call their cookies biscuits, but we're talking about Japanese cookies getting consumed in the US. Most of these were a gift from my mom to Andrew's parents, since she remembered how much they liked them from her last visit to the US. That's not to say that Andrew and I didn't indulge in a few packages, there were certainly enough to go around!

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